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Wishbone is approximately 8 years old. We have had him since a puppy. He is a White German Sheperd. I have never had a more smarter dog than him. He understands everything I say. He knows all of his toys by name. He opens his own Christmas presents. He loves to get surprises and play frisbee. He also enjoys the snow and likes to knock down my snowmen.

He also digs holes when I ask him to just by pointing to the ground. This is how I plant my spring flowers. I try to use my hands when I teach him new things so this way I can just give hand signals without saying a word and he still does what I ask.

Wishbone also lets me know if an animal such as a bird is hurt or injured just by trying to talk until I ask him “Show me”. Then I follow him to find out what is wrong and he let’s me know. He practically talks.

He is such a good-hearted dog. He loves all of the animals we have. He kisses our birds every morning and our bunny rabbit.

He used to rescue my cat Scrubby when he got out of the door. Scrubby used to be a housecat and whenever he got loose, Wishbone would run to me, start trying to talk until I followed him. Then he would go to my cat and hold him down with his paw until I came to get the cat. I never taught him to do that, he just learned on his own.

~Owner- Rita~

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