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Hi there! My name is Carrie and I am writing to tell you about my dog Sadie. We adopted her from the Greyhound Rescue, and I highly recommend it! When we first got her, she was thin and her head was small with great big brown eyes. I thought to myself, can I really love this dog, she does not even act like a dog!!! Anyway, as time went on we grew to love her soooooo much. One day we were hanging out, it was the weekend, and a lady drove into our house. You read that right, lol. She went through our storage area and into our dining room! I was taking out the trash and my hubby was on the couch watching TV. At that time, my son was playing with Sadie, right by the dining room wall. For some reason, I think she knew it was coming, she got up and ran. My son was holding on to her tail, so he was pulled out of the way. Sadie stayed out of the way and made sure he did too. Right after they were out the way the car crashed through the dining room wall that they were playing near. My son did not have a scratch on him. My hutch and table flew, things crashed to the ground, but Sadie kept him out of the way until my hubby grabbed him. It sounds like it took a long time, but this all happened within seconds! My son was not injured or killed, because of his guardian angel dog!!! She saved him one other time too. No matter what the kids did to her, she never harmed them and always watched out for them. She still does, even though she is getting old and lazy. lol! Well, this is the story that I wanted to share. SADIE is truly a STAR!!

~Owner Carrie~

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