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My name is Precious. I have a brother named Rascal. We are 4 years old. My mother was a minature doberman pincher and my dad was a toy poodle. I lost my dad about 2 years ago, because he was very old, and my mommy just died a few months ago. I have the markings of my mother and the hair of my dad. I love to watch TV, especially the animal planet. I can sit and watch tv for hours. I also have a music box that has dancers in it and I will watch it until I fall asleep. I have to be about the cutest dog in the world, and I never cease to amaze my family with my many talents, it's like I'm almost human. My owners name is Crystal and she takes very good care of me. Needless to say I am very SPOILED! That's just the way it goes when you're this cute.

~Owner- Crystal~

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