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Hi Everyone! My name is Playful Tinkerbell Rios but my owner just call me by my first name Playful. I am a girl, I'm 1 year old in people years but in doggie years I'm 7 years old and I weigh 8 pounds. I love to eat. I eat almost everything my owner gives me. I love to sleep. I think it is so fun and i get to sleep on my owner's bed. "Boy is it soft." My owner's name is Melissa, she loves me alot,she gives me kisses ,hugs and she lets me sleep with her. Her mom which is my grandma her name is Amy and I love for her to strach me on my belly "It feels so good." I think my grandma loves me but i really don't know because she gets after me alot but then again i am a BAD puppy. What I mean by being a bad puppy is that I like to go outside when I'm not suppoed to and i don't really like to come back to my house. So they have to call my grandma and she tricks me because when she calls me she says "Here playful you want some." Which means she is going to give me something to eat and i run inside and as soon as I get inside I get in trouble. So I put my head down and walk away for alittle bit my owner is mad at me and she explain to me about how it is bad to go outside then i lick her on the cheek and she forgets but sometimes when I go outside and my Grandpa Roger is here he get really mad at me and he doesn't forget and when he is mad I know I have to hide under the bed. Another thing that I like to do fight with my owner but just playing around. Another thing you should know about me is that when I'm asleep I don't like nobody bothering me and if you do i will bite you. Just ask my owner i bit her because she kiss me on my nose. Let me think about some others things about me. Oh I got one I love my blanket it soft purple and it has a big tinkerbell on it. The reason I love my blanket is because when my owner got me she pick me up in the blanket ever since then i love it. There you have it my favorite things, what I do and how i live my life. Thank You for listeing to my story maybe next time I will write about my puppies.
Playful Tinkerbell Rios

~Owner- Melissa~

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