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Pinkerton Jo
Hello my name is Jessica and this is my baby girl Pinkerton Jo. People always ask where I got the name Pinkerton Jo from. Well her name came from a book by Steven Kellogg called Pinkerton the Dog. I am an elementary librarian and came across this book in my library and loved it. So when I found Pinky (as we like to call her) I just had to use the name Pinkerton. Jo was added because I do not have a middle name myself. So I figured I would give her one since I can't get one of my own.

Pinkerton is a Puggle (which is a beagle/pugg mix.) She will be 2 years old on June 17. I got her almost 2 years ago when she was only 3 lb. She is the most lovable, sweet dog I've ever met. She loves to get dressed up for different occasions and always stays bundle in stylish coats in the winter.

Pinkerton has some very unique features. One is her brite white teeth (thanks to greenies) sticking out from her lower jaw. This is the pugg in her. As she got older her teeth decided her mouth was too small for them. So now she can't put her teeth away.I still think she is perfect.

Her favorite toy is the Christmas Moose which she has taken all the stuffing out of, ripped the eyes and feet off and loves to do the shake, shake with (this is where she holds the moose in her mouth and shakes it real hard.) Her favorite color is obviously pink and her favorite spot to sleep is with her mommy in their big bed under the covers. (when she's not snoring like a grown man. It will wake me up out of a dead sleep. I've never heard anything like it!)

Well I'm off to enjoy the most precious baby in the world...Pinkerton Jo Pieczynski.

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