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My name is Peky. I am from La Rioja, Argentina., and I am 2 years old. I am the smallest member of a care and nice family. There are lots of children in my family; I love children so I play with them when they come to visit me. We usually play "hide and seek", as I don't know numbers and counting I often find them before they even get a place to hide. I was born on th 10th February 2003; my mum celebrates my birthday with a small, funny party with a big cake. I love football, my favourite club is Liverpool (from England); I always play football with my friends and mum, I play as number 10 - just like Michael Owen!!!. Also, I love tv, my favourite channel is "Animal Planet", I spend my free time watching "animal planet funniest videos" - they are great fun!!!. Being from Argentina everybody addresses me in Spanish but my mum talks to me in English - the only one word I understand quite well is... "cat". I love eating chicken with coke for lunch and a big piece of icecream as dessert. I love sweet things. I love my family and I am very happy.

~Owners- Patricia~

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