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Julio lived in the Elmsford animal shelter [no kill] for the first year of his life because no one wanted a handicap dog [neurological disorder]. They told me that he can not get up and down any kind of stairs. ....Then I came along and it was love at first sight. Julio is an Aussie with an awesome personality. It took lots of massage to get him to be able to get up the front steps to our house without being carried.

Living with us now for 6 years, he is almost a pro at going up and down those three steps. When we are ready to go out, if we tell him that he can go along, he is the first one at the car, waiting. We have to assist, as he can not jump up.

We have a gate in front of the downstairs steps as they are more than he can handle as his balance is not good. He also has a bit of trouble with his sight that he's had all along. But his hearing and sense of smell is impeccable.

He never leaves the porch, except to go potty. People who walk their dogs on a leash ask, "Why doesn't he leave the porch since the gate is open?". I tell them, "It is because he is smart".

I know his life will not be as long as most because he already has several tumors that have developed due to his condition. The cost is about 3 thousand dollars, something we do not have. But we do have lots of love that we can give him for whatever time we have with him.

Julio [pronounced, Hulio] shares his home with several handicap birds and Mew cat[who came to us when he was a year old] The cat lives in the vestibule.

Julio has his own door to go in and out...something I felt was important, for him, physiologically.

~Owner- Maureen~
Maureen is an artist. Check out her website.

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