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Hello! My name is Elli and I was born October 10, 2004. I live with my Mommy and my new best friends, Spencer and Gracie. I tend to get a little crazy sometimes, but there is nothing that I love more than to lay in my Mommy's lap. I've got my Mom wrapped around my little paw...she lets me get away with almost everything!! I have many friends, but there is noone I love more than my sister...I miss her so much, but I know she has my friend, Annie to keep her company! One of my newest friends is a big guy named Clemens. I love to jump on him, but then he gets crazy and chases me...he scares me sometimes, but I do love to harass him! I guess to sum it up, I'm just a fun-loving, crazy little girl!

~Owner- Kristy~

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