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Hi.... My name is Diva, and I am a 2 years old female pom. I live in Santee, Calif with my mom and dad, and two other pom sisters, Cubby, and Sienna.

I am a very sweet girl, with a wonderful nature, until it comes to cars. When we go for a walk, if I even hear one starting down the street, I start spinning, and growling and spinning some more. My mom even tries to hold me up a little in the air, so she can make me stop, but it doesn't help. As soon as the car goes by, I am back to being my sweet natured lovable dog.

I love my sisters and we never disagree about anything. I also love my humans who I own. We have our own door to go out, and we use it alot. We sleep in the house though in our mom and dad's room.

~Owners- Carolina and Wayne~

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