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My name is Misty and this is Alex! When he was about 6 months(now he is 5 years) we had a big ice storm and he got out when we went to a hotel be cause we needed heat because my sister was just a baby then(we had not noticed he was first out). We went and when we heard the power was back on my grandfather came home to feed him and our gerbils. He fount Alex clawing to get out of the pool be cause he had fallen in! Now he is afraid of all water even baths! When he was two he had gotten out again and had no idea cars could hurt you and he wanted to come with us I guess and so my grandfather was driving and he was running under the car and we had not noticed and he ran next the wheel and it pulled him in to the van's tire and he had to get staples and is now afraid of being nest to running cars!

~Owner Misty~

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