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Springtime means a time of new birth. Adult animals give birth to baby animals. Every mother knows her baby---but do you? Take the quiz!

  1. A mother horse gallops with her ______________.
  2. The mother cow gives milk for her _______________.
  3. The mother hen looks for worms for her _____________.
  4. The mother dog plays with her ______________.
  5. The mother duck swims with her ______________.
  6. The mother cat catches a mouse for her ______________.
  7. The mother goat nibbles grass with her __________.
  8. The mother pig is busy caring for her ____________.
  9. The mother sheep calls her ______________.
  10. The mother fox hunts for her _______________.
Answers below---don't peep until you finish!

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1. foal/colt/filly
2. calf
3. chick
4. pup
5. duckling
6. kitten
7. kid
8. piglet/shoat
9. lamb
10. cub