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Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey,
Along came a spider and sat down beside her,
And frightened Miss Muffet away.


  1. Little Miss Muffet Coloring Sheet
  2. Make Spider Webs.
  3. Have some Curds and Whey!
  4. Look at the picture or print it out. Find all the items in the picture that begin with S and M.
  5. Let's play a Spider Game!
  6. Let's make another Spider!
  7. Wow! A Spider Web Cake!

  8. Robyn sent in these great activities! Thanks, Robyn!
    Someone sits on a chair and pretends to eather curds and whey, when all of a sudden another child comes and tries to scared her away. or
    Together as a group discuss where Miss Muffet had run to and why? Write all answers down on a large piece of paper for parents and other visitors to see. or
    Have the children glitter a design on a piece of paper and have them glue spiders that they have drawn to the web when it's dry.

  9. Sparki sent in this great alternative verse to "Little Miss Muffet" to teach manners! Thanks, Sparki!
    Here's how we say "Little Miss Muffet" and learn our manners at my house:
    Little Miss Muffet
    Sat on a tuffet
    Eating her cottage cheese
    There came a great spider
    Who sat down beside her
    And said, "May I have a bite, please?"

  10. Roxanne wrote in with this idea...I bought a spider that is sound sensitive and when you clap he wiggles down the string and then goes up. I have a child sit uder the spider on a little chair and we say the rhyme. We change miss Muffet to the child's name and then after along came a spider we clap our hands and the spider comes down and the child acts scared. My preschoolers love it!
    ~Thanks, Raoxanne!


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