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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the King's horses and all
The King's men, cannot put
Humpty Dumpty together again.


  1. Humpty Dumpty Coloring Sheet
  2. Have the children decorate hard-boiled eggs to represent Humpty Dumpty. Provide markers, yarn, glue, fabric scraps, ribbon, felt, buttons, etc.
  3. Have children put eggs in an egg carton. Tell them to count the eggs in full carton to discover how many eggs are in a dozen.
  4. How about a Humpty Dumpty Pear Salad?
  5. Try some Humpty Dumpty Eggs!
  6. Look at the picture or print it out. Find all the items in the picture that begin with H.
  7. Make a Humpty Dumpty Cake!

  8. Jody sent in this great Humpty Dumpty idea! Thanks, Jody!
    Have all the children bring raw eggs that are wrapped tight in something and drop them off the roof or balcony. See which ones survived and make badges that say "I am a survivor" The kids love seeing there eggs drop and unwrapping them to see if they made it.

  9. Julie sent in this great suggestion! Thanks, Julie!
    Have the children come up with a list of other things or places that Humpty Dumpty can fall off of and draw a picture of Humpty falling off of it. You can also do this activity using a predictable chart. Humpty Dumpty fell off of a ___________________.

  10. Kinsley sent in this great Humpty Dumpty idea--Thanks, Kinsley!
    You take a Balloon and blow it up. Take Newspaper strips and dip into paper mache or you can make your own with flour and water. Then you wrap it around the balloon and cover entirely. (The kids can do this). After waiting for it to dry you cut a hole in it, (caution: this will pop the balloon, so don't be surprised). You can then decorate it as Humpty dumpty by coloring it or adding your own touches. Afterwards you can add candy and let them break it open or use it as a decoration up to you. Enjoy!

  11. Shannon sent in this great Humpty Dumpty idea--Thanks, Shannon!
    I hard boil eggs and have my children marble paint with them. Make sure to boil plenty because they break, but the children love it.

  12. Shari sent in this great idea--Thanks, Shari!
    Use a large wooden block, or a concrete building block as your wall. Let the children take turns pushing raw eggs off the wall onto a cookie sheet. Then ask them how they can fix Humpty. My preschoolers tried bandaids, nails and hammer, glue, tape. It was a great problem-solving activity. We then made scrambled eggs for snack. (If you want, you can decorate the raw eggs with a face, before having them fall off the wall.)

  13. Deanna sent in another great idea---thanks!
    I had the children take a hard-boiled egg and peel it. Then, I had them color the humpty dumpty picture. We then glued on the egg shell on humpty and he looked all cracked! Googly eyes made this picture complete!

  14. Ang submitted the following---thanks!
    Pin Humpty on the Wall
    Make a few humpties out of cardstock. Draw a wall on a whiteboard. Blind fold children and have them try to pin humpty on the wall. Discuss what would happen if Humpty missed the wall.

  15. The children sing", Humpty Dumpty," by Jack Hartman and act it out. Jack's version consists of they tried to pull him up, patch him up , and push him up . We then make an art project where the children cut out a huge egg out of white construction paper, decorate it and make a red construction paper wall for Humpty to sit on.
    Thanks to Cindy for this one!

  16. Have a copied picture of Humpty Dumpty on the wall, but do not have his face on- just a big blank egg. The children can cut out eyes, noses and mouths, even hats from magazines and glue them on Humpty. This can be very funny, and even easier if an adult pre cuts out the face parts.
    Thanks to Deborah for this cute idea!

  17. Good Egg- Cracked Egg

    Get two colored plasic eggs. Draw a crack line on the inside of one of the eggs. The children sit in a tight circle and pass the two eggs while music plays (Humpty Dumpty song). When the music stops the person holding each egg opens it. The person holding the good egg may walk around the outside of the circle for the next round. Play again and the person with the good egg joins the walking line around the circle. The last person holding the cracked egg gets to be Humpty Dumpty and act out the song (or the poem if you don t know the music for it) as everyone sings and claps around them in a circle.
    Submitted by Jill--thanks!


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