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  1. I'm yellow, little, and fuzzy; I can make lots of noise.
    When it's time to play, Mother Nature finds me toys.
    Then I head for the water, and like real babies I toddle;
    But when I'm big enough to walk, I don't walk, I waddle!

  2. I'm round and I'm plump,
    My eyes are quite small.
    My tail is very curly--
    And that's not all!
    But when I talk, I squeal,
    Just excited, I guess.
    I often walllow in the mud
    And Mother says, "What a mess!"

  3. I'm short in the body,
    But long in the leg:
    I'm very fond of sugar,
    And for it I will beg.
    I run and I leap,
    Pretending I'm a dancer;
    And when my Mother calls
    A "whinney" is my answer.

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