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Contributed Art Ideas! Thanks to all for sending in these great ideas!

Title: Bird Nest

Description: This project is something that I do every year with my two and three year olds. I call it Bird in the Nest. We make salt dough and let the children roll the dough into small balls (bird eggs) and sit aside to dry.Then we let the children use a nesting material such as straw to glue on a piece of brown paper cut in a circle. When the salt dough eggs are dry we let the children paint them a nice blue or brown and glue on the straw. I have found that the children are always excited when we talk about birds and this is a good project fo early learners. Extension: The children can also glue a bird shape on top of the egg in the nest.


Title: Chocolate Pudding Bears

Description: My mom gave me the idea for can be used with easter bunnies or bears......cut out the shape of a bunny or a bear for each child....let them glue on an eye and then finger paint the rest with chocolate pudding!!!! They love it!!!!! I've done it a few times!!!!!

Idea submitted by:

Title: Pine Cone Birdfeeders

Description: All you need is pinecones, birdseed, peanut butter, and yarn. Have the children cover the pinecones with peanut butter. They can use spoons or their fingers. Then have them roll the pinecones in the birdseed. Finish them off with a piece of yarn to hang them. Kids love it and so do the birds.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Easter Chick

Description: Make an oval body out of yellow construction paper. Make some eyes, a beak, and feet. Glue these all onto the yellow body. Then, trace your childs hands, and use these as wings with the thumbs up!

Idea submitted by:

Title: Small Flower Cart

Description: You need:

1 plastic scoop from laundry soap
2 plastic caps from milk jugs
small amount of potting soil
flower seeds of your choice

Just glue milk caps on the sides of the scoop. Fill scoop with potting soil. Moisten the dirt and add a couple seeds. Decorate wheels and handle how ever you wish.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Toothbrush Craft

Description: Well, its just an idea I got from my teacher. All you need is a toothbrush, and some paint. Dip the brush into the paint, and brush it over on a piece of paper.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Homemade Instruments

Description: Take a 12oz plastic soda bottle, put rice, color noodles, beads, anything that can produce a noise inside the bottle half way. Put the top on the bottle, decorate bottle with stickers to make appealing to children. Use color masking tape to cover the top, and you now have a shaker!!

Take a 12 oz plastic soda bottle, put in beads that are different colors and shapes. Add a half bottle of water. Put top on bottle, and you have another instrument. Children can make music as well as learn colors and different shapes.

Collect liquid detergent tops. Let children decorate 2 tops each with stickers. Let children put into the tops rice, noodles, beans etc. Tape tops together with masking tape, and you have another kind of shaker.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Ladybug

Description: Here is a cute craft I have my "art quest" students make: get a ovalish shape rock...any size will do. Paint it red... With a Q-tip & black paint draw a line down the center,then paint the narrow end black (making the lady bugs head, 3 red ovals on each side of the line on the back, spray with a sealer, and what a cute bug you have! hope you enjoy~

Idea submitted by:

Title: Cookie Art

Description: You need large cookies, cake frosting, and a plastic spoon. Let the child spread the frosting all over one side of the cookie. Then the child stacks another cookie on top of that one and frost the top of that cookie. You also use sprinkles to decorate the cookies.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Spider Web Idea

Description: Have the kids paint a paper plate with black tempera paint and let it dry. When the plates are dry, using a single hole punch, punch holes around the outside edge of the plate. Using white yarn, tie one end to one of the holes on the paper plate and the other end to a plastic needle. Have the students lace in and out of the holes in what ever directions they want to create a spider web. When they are done, knot off the remaining end to the paper plate and make a construction paper spider to go on the web. I did this as a care partner activity with my Kindergarten class and the grade 8's. They turned out GREAT!!

Idea submitted by:

Title: Egg Carton spiders

Empty egg Carton with one little egg holder cut out
6 pipcleaners(Black)
Black Paint and Paint brush

Make Holes in the side of egg holder and push pipecleaners through.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Stain Glass Windows

Description: You pick out all the colors you want in the stain glass window. You use crayon shavings and when you are done with that, get two pieces of evenly matched wax paper. Then you put your crayon shavings on the first layer of wax paper and then you lay the second piece of wax paper over the first one. Take an iron and iron over the crayon shaving until you have your desired design. Take a sring and hang it up in your window. Enjoy!!!!

Idea submitted by:

Title: Arts-Lesson Plan

Description: Using a large piece of white butcher paper, trace an out line of each child's body. This will be the student's body shell. Let the students decorate their shells, drawing in their favorite shirts patterns, their favorite way to wear their hair...let them be creative, but let them know that this is supposed to represent them!!! They love it! It is their size and their work! THEY BECOME THE ARTIST!

Idea submitted by:

Title: Valentine Gift Bag Holders

Description: After years of teaching kindergarten, I decided the old heart Valetine holder cut out of construction paper inevitably tore and had become boring. So I decided to have the children create valentine holders made from gift bags. The gift bags can hang on the hooks in their cubbies or are easliy hung on a bulletin board, and later, become a useful tote for carrying home their Valentines. Write the child's name on the bag using a permanent marker and using a glue bottle with a tip on it, trace over their name and cover the letters with sprinkles. Each child will need one pink or red gift bag with handles. They can use puffy pens or magic markers to draw on their bags, glitter, doilies, stickers, ribbons and bows to decorate the outside of the bag on all sides. The children just love making these pretty bags!

Idea submitted by:

Title: Tissue Paper Rainbow

Description: Take tissue paper and cut in to squares. Then let the children lay the squares on a paper plate. When they are finished laying the paper down help them spray the paper with water from a spray bottle. When the plate has dried a little (not all the way but not soaking wet) carefully peel the paper off of the plate. You will see that the ink from the paper transferred over to the plate. Cut into a rainbow shape.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Spider Webs

1 piece of black construction paper
glue in bottle
white crayon
(for each student)

Have the child use the glue to make a web design on the black paper. (yup, straight from the bottle). The web will be easy to see because it is white. Set paper aside until glue is completly dry. Once dry, allow children to take their white crayon and outline all of the glue web. Have them color right next to the glue. This helps the dried glue stand out from the paper, since it is clear when it dries. Lastly, hot glue a plastic spider onto each web. (I usually buy the spider rings at halloween and cut the ring part off)

Idea submitted by:

Title: Spider Webs

Description: Cut a black piece of paper and place in the bottom of a box. Then dip a marble in white paint and place in the box. Let the students roll the marble around by moving the box. This makes a striking web design. I then have the students make a spider with a black styrofoam ball, pipe cleaners for legs and eyes. Glue the spider on the web when dry.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Caterpillars

Description: Hot glue green Pom-poms on a green pipe cleaner after you make antennea at the start. Use a smaller Pom-pom on the one side of the pipe cleaner and the same size all the way (about 6-7) on the other side. You have a nice head, glue a red tiny Pom-pom for the nose and wiggley eyes and these are so cute your students will nap better if these are prizes to the best napper of the week. I have made all kinds of caterpillars and these are the best. I made them after I made the sock you use to have one side a caterpiller and turn it inside out to be a felt made butterfly. I had Pom-poms and time on my hands.

Idea submitted by:

Title: "Footprints in the Sand"

Description: With my four year old class I came up with the idea to copy the poem "Footprints in the Sand" and at the bottom of the page I traced their foot print. I then traced it with glue and put a little more glue around the outside of the foot print and sprinkled sand on the glue. I had alot of parents compliment me on the idea. They thought it was really special and some even said they were going to put it in a picture frame. Hope you like the idea and others will be able to use it with their class. I also did one for my daughter who is only one and put it in a picture frame in her room. "Footprints in the Sand" is a poem I have always loved.

Note: Here is the poem, "Footprints in the Sand", written by Mary Stevenson (1922-1999)


One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the LORD. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand: one belonging to him, and the other to the LORD. When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life. This really bothered him and he questioned the LORD about it: "LORD, you said that once I decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me." The LORD replied: "My son, my precious child, I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."

Idea submitted by:

Title: Tissue paper art

Description: This is a very fun and easy project to do with kids. Give them a large white piece of paper and various colors of tissue paper. With water and a paint brush, have the kids tear the tissue paper and then paint it on the white paper. As much or as little as they want. Then,,,,after the water dries the tissue papaer should fall off or be taken off and they will see how the colors from the tissue paper stayed on their paper!! What fun!!!

Idea submitted by:

Title: Butterfly

Description: Take a coffee filter and let the children color designs or write on it with washable markers. Spray a light mist of water onto the coffee filter with a water bottle, let dry... Tie the center with a pipe cleaner and bend the top to look like antennae. (Give the children a paper plate to color the coffee filter on to prevent the marker bleeding through)

Idea submitted by:
Nicole of Cuddles 'n' Crayons Childcare

Title: Scratch Picture

Description: Take a piece of white paper and cover it completely in multicolors (crayons work best) then paint over it in black (tempera works best). When paint is dry take a pointed object (a key for example) and scratch a picture, when finished it gives a rainbow effect.

Title: Candy Necklace

Description: Supplies
Any type of candy with holes in middle
Beads for decoration when candy is gone
String long enough for child

Put the supplies on string and enjoy.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Colorful Portrait

Description: Get white construction paper. Using cryons or oil pastels, color the paper with different bright colors. Mix some black ink with some fluid soap or shampoo, then cover the colored paper with this ink mixture using a sponge. Wait for the paper to dry. Then, using a toothpick, you can etch the ink to form a colorful drawing or portrait.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Funny Balloons

Items required :
Big Deflated balloons
Coloured Marker Pens
Roll of string
Glue / Glitter - Optional

Method : Take large sized balloons ( preferably plain without any designs on it ) and make children draw smiley faces on it using marker pens. After they have completed the drawing, ask them to inflate the balloons by blowing into them. The shape of the drawn smileys continuously varies with the degree of inflation of the balloons and is sure to draw a smile on the kids faces. The inflated balloons can be tied with pieces of string so that the kids can take their proud craft projects home.

Note : Kids can draw varying expressions of faces on the balloons to add variety.

For those kids with an aptitude for creativity, quick drying glue can be used to decorate the face alongwith glitters to add vibrancy to the face.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Spider

You will need: Egg box, Black Paint, 4 Pipe Cleaners, Glue, sticky tape, string, and foil or paper.

1. Cut the cup part out of the bottom of the egg cup and paint it black; also paint the pipe cleaners.
2. Allow to dry. 3. When they are all dry, bend and shape the pipe cleaners so they fit up inside the egg box piece.
4. Stick them to the underside of the egg box piece, and then shape them so they look like spider legs.
5. Then out of the paper or foil make eyes and mouth for the face, and glue onto the front of the spider.
6. Make a small centralized hole in the top of the spider and thread the string through.
7. Knot the string on the underside of the spider, pull the string tight and then hang from the ceiling and you have a freindly pet spider.

Idea submitted by:
Mrs. Parker

Title: Home-Made Envelopes

I have done art all my life and when I saw this site I thought that it was a great way of encouraging kids and maybe bigger children. I think that when children or adults go to buy envelopes, they always cost a bit more than they should, so I thought..............

If you have a spare envelope, open it out and trace round it on some nice paper. Cut the envelope shape out and then fold it and glue it into the right position. then decorate with anything you like!!!!

Idea submitted by:

Blow up a balloon, and set it in a bowl or something that it will hold on tied end down. Paper-Mache the top 2/3 of it. You should do at least 2-4 layers so it will be thick enough and not very flimsy. Let it dry, and then you take two styrofoam cups and punch off the bottom circle. Then tape those to the paper mache. Then paper mache the cups. And you can put extra paper mache on the cups to make shoes (i'll tell you why in a minute). Then you can paint it any color you want. I painted mine like jeans and the extra paper mache was for the shoes. And you can paint anything on your artwork.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Jigsaw Puzzles

To make a jigsaw all you have to do is make a picture. Then you color it in. Stick it to cardboard. Draw the lines that you want to cut. Then you cut it out .

Idea submitted by:

Title: Puffy Paint

This paint is used for many activities. You will need one can of men's shaving cream, a bottle of Elmer's glue, and a box of food coloring. In a bowl, combine a large amount of shaving cream, a small amount of glue, and the amount of food coloring to create the color of your choice. The mix should be thick and fluffy, not runny. You can place the paint on a picture for finger painting. Let the child smear it around a plain piece of construction paper. Or you can smear it all over your child's hand to create many different shapes. For example: a jellyfish, trees, snowflakes, angel wings, flowers. Use your imagination. You can also use their feet to make ghosts. Other options are to sprinkle glitter over the paint before it dries, and glue googly eyes on after it dries. When the paint dries it will turn into this nice fluffy, soft, raised texture. Children should of course be supervised while using, but they love the feel and the smell of the paint. And they think it's so neat when it dries. I hope you enjoy the possibilities of this activity. I know I have!

Idea submitted by:

**Webmaster's Note**
I have used a similar recipe to make the mane of the lion and the body of the lamb when doing "in like a lion and out like a lamb".

Title: Marble Painting

All you need is a shoe box (or any other box), marbles and paint. Put a marble in the paint, then place in the box, and tilt it to make cool designs. Kids love it and will spend hours doing it. Great for 1 1/2yrs up.

Idea submitted by:

Title: String painting

You need to use thick pieces of string. Place then in a paint cup with peg on the end to aid in holding it. Let children dangle string over the paper to make cool designs. Use lots of bright colours!

Idea submitted by:

Title: Paint Scratchings

Ask children to cover paper in paint, then provide them with different things like toothpicks, popsicle sticks, shells, sticks, etc for them to scratch in the paint. Encourage them to talk about differences in size, width etc. An easy activity for little children.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Cornflour Goop

Mix cornflour and water together, and add dye, to form a messy play activity. The goop is hard, but goes gooey in your hand. Again, children love experimenting with it, and it leads to good discussions.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Volcanoes

All you need is vinegar, baking soda, and dye. Put them together in a cup or jar, and watch them flow over the tops. Great for in the sandpit - on top of the hill. Use more than one at a time to talk about mixing colours; differences in speed (fast, slow). 'Forget' to put in baking soda and ask children what's wrong. Great for experimenting, thinking, observing, etc

Idea submitted by:

Title: Bird Feeder

Take a pine cone tie a string around it (so that you may hang it when finished). Spread peanut butter or honey on the pine cone. Roll it in birdseeds or sun flower seeds. Hang it out on a tree near a window and enjoy your new friends.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Animal? Monster?

Cut a old sock with no holes into any shape you like; add designs on your sock you could make it into an animal or a monster or whatever you like. Glue or sew on your designs. Put rice inside; sew the hole. There you go- you have your own beanie babie!!!!

Idea submitted by:

Title: Paper Hat

Take an old newspaper and fold it in half, hot dog style, then fold in the corners on the folded side to the middle. Then fold each of the sides up and tape them so it doesn't fall apart, then pull apart the bottom and decorate it if you want.

Idea submitted by:

Title: Sea Urchin

Tammara writes, "One of my faviorte art projects to have the kids during sea animal week is take plan white playdough, roll into balls, then put toothpicks in. Then paint them pink, blue and purple.........let dry and then they take home thier sea urchins.

Title: Eric Carle Art

Last week my class theme was on Eric Carle. His books are great and so very colorful. I used all sorts of different shades of greens and yellow tissue paper and cut out oval shapes. They did a great job of putting "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" together. Also "The Very Busy Spider" turn out great too. Don't worry about the shapes when you cut them out because if you see his books they are very unique.

Idea submitted by Nina--thanks~

Interested in purchasing Eric Carle books?

Title: People at Work Mixer

You will need:
Pencils, Textas, A4 paper(white), rubber, lead pencil and one piece of A4 cardboard (white)

What You Do:
Step1- On the piece of cardboard draw the outline of a person in BLACK TEXTA. (This becomes your stencil)
Step2- On another five or six pages of paper trace the person from the stencil.
Step3- On the piece of paper with the people on them draw different kinds of work people do (nurse, vet, artist, zoo keeper, president etc). Then color them in.
Step4- Next very carefully staple the sheets together evenly on the left hand edge. (You may need an adult to help)
Step5- VERY CAREFULLY cut the pages into even thirds and don't cut right to the end just until you are 2cm from the edge BUT do not cut the last page leave that together.

Idea submitted by Rebecca--thanks!

Title: Marble Art

First you drop a marbles in cups of different colored paint. Then put paper in a shoe box. Put the marbles that are covered in paint into the shoe box. Roll the marbles all around.

Idea submitted by Sam--thanks!

Title: University Titles

University titles with the painted colors, even not perfect, you know? Also, trees and more trees, they can be weird too.

Idea submitted by Jeff--thanks!

Title: Rainbow Crayons

Use old broken crayons (peeled) and melt a few in mini-muffin pan swirl (very little, only enough to swirl colors.) Place pan in freezer to cool. Turn pan over and pop out. Colors like a rainbow!

Idea submitted by Dawn--thanks!

Title: Kazoos

Make a Kazoo out of toliet paper roll! Let child decorate the roll then put a piece of waxed paper at one end tie with rubber band. Tell children to hum in the other end and make some noise!

Idea submitted by Tiffany--thanks!

Title: Face Mask!

Supplies: 1 paper plate, some paint and a pipe cleaner or pasta (your choice]), 2 googly eyes and a lollipop stick

First, glue the eyes on to the paper plate and then paint a nose and a smiley mouth onto it! Then selotape the pipe cleaner or glue the pasta on the top for some hair! After all that glue the lollipop stick on at the bottom and use as a mask for anything at all!

Idea submitted by Amy O--thanks!

Title: Balloon art

1. Blow up a balloon with a pump.
2. Paint the balloon with some glue mixture, then cover it in small pieces of newspaper. 3. Cover up the top two-thirds of the balloon with four layers of paper and glue mixture and leave to dry. 4. Paint whatever pattern you would like on it!

Idea submitted by Savannah--thanks!

Title: A Hand Puppet of Goldilocks

Material Required:
Construction paper - pink colour
2 wiggly eyes
Glue or fevicol
Curled wood shavings
Colours - crayons
Popsicle stick or an ice cream stick ribbon

Method :
*Take the construction paper and cut out a circle to make the face
*With the help of glue, stick the wood shavings to make the golden hair / locks of Goldilocks
*Stick the eyes and make the nose and lips with the crayons
*Now stick the popsicle stick from the backside of the face cut out
*Let it dry and now cut ribbon to make small bows for her hair and with the help of the glue stick it on the falling curls.
*Let it dry maybe it will take an hour or so.
Comments --I did this with my kindergarten children and they enjoyed it. The teacher should first narrate the story and then do this activity. End of the week children carried their hand puppet home. Seeing the puppet everyday on their board or cupboard the story remains fresh in their minds.

Idea submitted by Nita Datta--thanks!

Title: Save the Earth posters

Take a piece of card board and write something about saving the Earth. Then decorate with construction paper and glitter glue. Let dry for at least one day then hang in public areas (please get permission first). This is a great way to make art and help the environment!

Idea submitted by Genevieve--thanks!

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