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Recipe Section :


Bear Activities

Submit your bear ideas!!


Bear Game

Have children play a game like duck, duck, goose only we call it honey, honey, bear! When the child taps another on the head and calls bear, the child runs around the circle trying to catch the bear before he/she sits down.

Idea submitted by: Monica. Thanks, Monica!


Cinnamon Bears

Make cinnamon bears. Cut out brown, black, and white shaped construction paper bears. Have children spread on the glue and sprinkle with cinnamon. We call them "Cinnamon bears" and they make the room smell good too.

You can also make Cinnamon Toast bears, by using a bear cookie cutter shape. Toast bread, use the cookie cutter, spread butter, sprinkle cinnamon, and you are ready to eat your Cinnamon bear!

Idea submitted by: Monica. Thanks, Monica!


Bear Hunt

Put a teddy bear in a box which is the bear cave. Hide the box somewhere for the kids to find by following paw shapes cut out of paper. They can sing the song "Going on a Bear Hunt" while they are following the paw shapes!

Idea submitted by: Lisa. Thanks, Lisa!


Bear Crawl

Have children try to crawl around like bears with hands and feet on the floor (backside will stick up in the air). Have the children move forward, backward, side to side and turn in circles. This can also be turned into relay games if there is space available.

Idea submitted by: Stephanie. Thanks, Stephanie!


Graphing Teddy Bears

Use Teddy Grahams and have the children sort and graph them by which ones have their hands up and which ones have their hands down. Then enjoy your work!

Idea submitted by: Brenda. Thanks!


Home Bears

Send a plain construction paper bear home with each child and a letter to the parents asking them (and siblings) to help decorate the bear for the class bulletin board. This is a great project to link school with home.

Idea submitted by: Chanci. Thanks!


Gummy Bear Math

Have students sort by color, count and then graph the colors.

1.Have students sort their gummy bears by color into piles.

2. Have students count each pile (colors) and then record their answers. Discuss which they have more of , less of etc.

3. Help students graph their results.

**Eat gummies at end! A fun way to encourage them to leran more about Math & have fun doing it!

Idea submitted by: Kimberly--thanks!


Three Bears Wall Story

Using very simple text to condense the story, (i.e. "Bears see chairs", "Goldilocks eats porridge") put each page on the wall and have the children make illustrations. When complete take down and make into a class book. Great for reading together!

Idea submitted by: Melissa--thanks!


Teddy Bear's Picnic

Each summer we do a Teddy Bear's Picnic in our Toddler Dramatic Centre. The children and teachers bring a teddy from home. We set up a picnic area with a plaid tablecloth and plastic food. The children love feeding their bears. We also include board books about teddies to encourage conversation.

Idea submitted by: JB--thanks!


Thumbprinting Bear Book

I make a booklet with 10 pages. I let my students number the pages from 1-10. I then pass out an ink pad to each student. They then place their thumb on the ink pad and then on the numbered pages according to the number. (example: one thumbprint to represent the number one, two thumbprints to represent the number two, etc.) After they have finished stamping their thumb print on the pages, they go back and add details to show a bear. (two ovals for the ears, one small oval for the tail, eyes, nose, mouth, and legs. They are so cute. My students have so much fun. (K-1)

Submitted by Mary Lou--thanks!


Bear Den

Daniela writes, "I like to bring a big cardboard box into the classroom that the children can have fun painting in white paint- representing a bears den. The class has fun dramatizing bear actions and going on bear hunts--they all try to hide in the box!" Thanks, Daniela!


Bear Cave for Preschoolers

Kathy writes, "My idea is similar to the one Donna sibmitted, but I use a brown paper lunch bag instead. I cut it straight across about 1 inch below the fold. I open the bag and cut a door (save the cut pieces for other uses.) Staple the two sides on the door, and puff out the cave. Provide the children with a small cutout of a bear. I give them a choice between a walking bear or a sleeping bear. While the children color their bear brown or black (can't be left white because polar bears do not hibernate I tell them - gets the ones who don't like to color to do it), I measure out 1 part white school glue and 2 parts shaving cream. The children help me mix the two ingredients together then fingerpaint the "snow" onto the outside of the bear cave. This mixture dries puffy and really looks like snow. The kids love it! We then either put the walking bear on the outside or the sleeping bear inside the cave, using a dab of the mix to glue it on." Thanks, Kathy!


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