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  1. Waffle Worms

    Measure and mix:
    1 cup sifted unbleached flour
    3/4 cup stirred whole wheat flour
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    2 eggs
    1/3 cup oil
    2 cups buttermilk

    Beat very well until all ingredients are mixed. Pour the batter in worm shapes on the waffle iron when it is hot. Let the children cup up different fruits to put on top of the waffle worms.

  2. Walnut Salad

    Use cut-up fruits with the nuts and add mayonaise to taste.

  3. "W" Snacks- watermelon, wheat germ, wax beans, whipped cream, wieners, gummy worms, waffles

  1. The Wind

    The wind blew through my ten tall trees
    (fingers up)
    And made them bow and bend.
    (sway hands back and forth)
    It raced about and picked them up
    And made them straight again.
    (fingers up straight)
    Five tall trees reached for the sky
    (one hand up)
    Five bent in an arch
    (bend at wrist)
    And round and round they blew around
    (alternate up and down)
    In the windy month of March.

    ~Author Unknown~

  2. Wee Willie Winkie

    Wee Willie Winkie
    Runs through the town,
    Upstairs and downstairs,
    In his nightgown.

    *Additional words*
    Rapping at the window,
    Crying at the locks,
    "Are the babies in their beds?
    For it's eight o'clock!"

    Additonal verse sent to me by Cheryl. Thanks, Cheryl!

  3. Whistling

    Cinda came up close to hear
    How my whistle sounded NEAR.
    And she said, "I never knew
    "You had birds inside of you."
    And poor Cinda cried,
    Wishing SHE had birds inside.

    ~Aileen Fisher~

  4. Walking

    When Daddy
    With Jean and me,
    We have a
    Lot of fun
    Cause we can't
    Walk as fast
    As he,
    Unless we
    Skip and
    I stretch,
    And stretch
    My legs so far,
    I nearly slip
    And fall--
    But how
    Does Daddy
    Take such steps?
    He doesn't stretch
    At all!

    ~Grace Glaubitz~

  1. Cut big Ws from construction paper. Let children find "W" pictures in magazines. Cut pictures and paste on outline of W.

  2. Wood Rubbings

    Place paper over different varieties of wood and using peeled crayons, rub the wood to get the print of the grain, bark and knots.

  3. Wheelbarrel Planter

    Laundry detergent scoop
    2 plastic milk jug lids
    6" length of ribbon
    potting soil
    flower seeds
    craft glue

    Glue a milk jug lid to each side of the scoop to form the "wheels". Allow the glue to dry. Tie the ribbon to the handle of the scoop. Fill the scoop with potting soil, and plant the seeds. Sprinkle the soil with a few drops of water. You can have the child make these planters as gifts.

  4. Window collage

    We made a Window collage. We cut out different pictures from magazines that you would see out your window and glued them to a piece of construction paper. I had a window frame cut out of brown construction paper and glued it over the collage.

  5. Paper weaving

    I cut slices into a piece of construction paper. Then I cut strips of different widths and colors. We weaved them and glued the ends to the back.

    Two ideas above from Rebecca---Thanks!

  6. Here's a windmill to color.

  1. Use gummy worms for counting, sorting and patterning activities.

  2. Graph your favorite colors of gummy worms.

  3. Some "W" ideas from Kate:
    Make a watermelon unit: estimate seeds, make a watermelon out of green and pink construction paper, play roll the watermelon game, eat watermelon, graph favorite types of melons. Thanks, Kate, for the wonderful ideas!

  1. Water Experiment I

    Put a few drops of food coloring into a glass of water. Let the children observe. What happens to the food coloring? Is it the same color? Is the water a different color? What happens if you stir it?

  2. Water Experiment II

    Observe water as solid, liquid and gas. Melt ice in a container and then place it in the sun to evaporate.

  3. Wheels

    Provide different types of wheels. Use inclined planes and ramps for experimenting.

  4. Wind Experiments

    Give opportunities for children to understand the effects of moving air. Let them blow into cups of water with a straw. Let them blow up balloons and release them. Let them blow on pinwheels. Let them stand in front of a fan. Discuss what they can see, hear, or feel as effects of moving air.

  5. Units: wings, worms, whales, George Washington, winter

  6. Suzanne sent me this great "W is for Wind" idea! Thanks, Suzanne!

    For the letter "W" we discuss wind. I let the children make sailboats using a bar of Ivory soap each. They make a sail for their boat (a triangle shape) and I put a toothpick through the sail into the bar of soap. Two children at a time race their boats in a container of water by blowing their boats. The rule is NO TOUCHING your boat after it is in the water. The winner of the first race takes on a student who has not raced and that winner takes on a student who has not raced , etc. until all of the children have had a chance to race their boats and a winner is declared. Then the children take their boats home to play with in the bath tub. There is a lot of "wind" going on that day!

  1. Worms

    Pretend to be worms. Wiggle and slide across the room.

  2. Wheelbarrows

    Ask each child to find a partner. One child is the wheelbarrow and the other child moves the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow gets down on the floor on hands and knees. The mover carefully lefts the legs of the wheelbarrow and holds them up as the other child walks on his hands. Take turns. Hold wheelbarrow relay races.

  3. Wind Activities

    I use hats to substitute for kites flying during March (winds).

    Title: When March Hats Blow by Jean Warren (found in a magazine like the Mailbox or something similar.)


    When I hear the March winds blow
    I look up in the sky.
    Instead of things like birds or planes,
    I watch the hats fly by.
    Each one different from the last,
    Every color do I see.
    Some are big and some are small,
    As they fly by me.
    Here comes a blue hat flying by,
    Now a yellow hat in the sky.
    Next a red hat on its way,
    Then a brown hat flies away.
    Green and black, orange and white,
    Even purple-what a sight!
    I like it when there's rain and snow,
    But most of all when March hats blow.

    (9 hats) (similar to theme of rainbow) I create a book where the children color,cut, and glue the hats . I typed the poem and cut the specific sentence to glue under that hat. They love it! The nine hats came with the poem and I copied the page. I can't send photos of the nine hats-sorry! You can design your own since it's not specific hats but size and color. They were policeman, construction, cap, cowboy, snowcap, Lincoln top-hat, clown and chief.

    Great idea from Marjorie---Thanks!

**Note: The following books may be found in your local library, or purchased from Amazon if the book title is a link.


How Does the Wind Walk? by Nancy White Carlstrom
How the Wind Plays by Michael Lipson
The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins
The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
Gilberto and the Wind by Marie Hall Ets
The Wind Garden by Angela McAllister
Mirandy and Brother Wind by Patricia McKissack
Wind Says Good Night by Katy Rydell
The Gates of the Wind by Kathryn Lasky
The Wind's Garden by Bethany Roberts
One Leaf Rides the Wind: Counting in a Japanese Garden by Celeste Davidson Mannis


The Magic Schoolbus at the Waterworks by Joanna Cole
Baby Beluga by Raffi
Better Not Get Wet, Jesse Bear by Nancy White Carlstrom
Water Dance by Thomas Locker
Mr. Archimedes' Bath by Pamel Allen
In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming

I hope you can use some of these "alphabite" ideas!! If you have any more that I can post here, PLEASE email me with the ideas and your name, using the email icon below or use this form. I will post your idea and give you credit!! Also just write and let me know how you like the ideas and how they can be improved!! Thanks!!

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