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  1. Toasted Pecans

    1 egg white
    1 lb. pecans
    1/2 cup sugar
    1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon water

    Combine egg white and water; beat until stiff. Add nuts and stir. Mix other ingredients and add to nuts. Stir well. Place on buttered cookie sheet and bake at 225 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. Stir every 20 minutes.

  2. Russian Tea

    2 cups Tang
    1/2 cup instant tea
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    1 pkg. lemonade mix
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    1 teaspoon cloves

    Add all together with water in pitcher.

  3. Turtles
    Use slice and bake cookie dough. (sugar or peanut butter) Flatten the dough out into circles and use jelly beans for the feet, arms and head of turtle. Sprinkle with green sugar and bake as directed.

  4. Tea Tasting

    Buy different teas from around the world. For each tea: look, smell and feel the tea leaves. Look at a world atlas to see where the country the tea comes from. Make tea and taste - get children to say whether they like the tea or not and which is their favourite. Good opportunity to talk about safety i.e. using boiling water etc. Did this with a group of four year olds + and it was a real sucess.

  5. "T" Snacks- tea, taffy, tapioca, toast, tangerines, tuna, Teddy Graham cereal, tomato juice, tomatoes

  1. The Turtle

    There was a little turtle
    He lived in a box. (make box with fingers)
    He swam in a puddle. (make swimming motions)
    He climbed on the rocks. (make climbing motions)

    He snapped at a mosquito. (Snap fingers)
    He snapped at a flea. (Snap fingers)
    He snapped at a minnow. (Snap fingers)
    And, he snapped at me! (Snap fingers)

    He caught the mosquito. (Clap hands)
    He caught the flea. (Clap hands)
    He caught the minnow. (Clap hands)
    But, he didn't catch me! (Shake head and finger)

  2. My Turtle

    Here is my turtle, (Form fist and extend thumb)
    He lives in a shell. (Put thumb inside fist.)
    He like his home
    Very well. (Nod head)
    He pokes his head out (Pop out thumb.)
    When he wants to eat. (Circle thumb around)
    And pulls it back in
    When he wants to sleep. (Put thumb back inside fist)

  3. Toaster Time

    Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
    Toast up a sandwich quick quick quick
    Lick lick lick!

    Tick tick tick tick tick tick--Stop!

    ~Eve Merriam~

  4. Tooth

    I lost a tooth the other day
    And now my smile looks queer.
    But I am growing one brand new
    And it will soon be here.
    My daddy had to have one pulled
    And he can't grow it new
    I'd like to give him my old one
    But he says that it just won't do!

  1. Cut big T's from construction paper. Let children find "T" pictures in magazines. Cut pictures and paste on outline of T.

  2. Tissue Paper Art

    Apply liquid starch to waxed paper. Glue tissue paper on the paper, overlapping the colors. When dry, place another piece of waxed paper over it and press with a warm iron. It will create a stained-glass effect.

  3. Toothpick Sculptures

    Make a design on a piece of waxed paper using the toothpicks. Then glue the ends of toothpicks together. When they are dry, they will come off the paper easily. Then you can stand them up for display in a piece of clay.

  4. Turtle

    Paint two paper plates to resemble the top and bottom of turtle's shell. Staple together and add green construction paper legs, arms and head.

  5. Turtle Toy

    Lay two strips of construction paper for legs and a thread for a pull into half a walnut shell. Put in a small bit of clay. Press a marble into the clay and pull.

  6. Pam sent in this great "T" idea! Thanks, Pam!

    One of my student's favorite Tt activities is tracing tools. I ask each student to bring one tool from home on a specific day. At language arts time we trace the tool we brought as well as other tools at our tables...Incredible fun!

  1. "Time" to teach about time!

  2. Class graph--favorite toothpaste.

  3. Let children attach paper triangles to triangle-shaped objects in the classroom.

  4. Develop concept of two and ten.

  5. This great idea sent in by Kelly. Thanks, Kelly!
    Read "Ten Black Dots" by Donald Crews. Brainstorm a list of things the kids can make with black dots. Give each child a certain number of dots (give more dots to higher children to differentiate). The children have to write the number of dots they have and make a picture using their black dots (labeling stickers work best). Put the students pages together into a class book. This helps them with counting, writing numerals, and making text-to-world connections.

  1. Dental Health Unit

    Discuss dental hygiene, including proper brushing and flossing of teeth. Also discuss proper nutritional habits and how they relate to dental care.

  2. Egg-teeth experiment

    Have some hard-boiled eggs to show the children and discuss how the color relates to the color of their teeth. Soak the eggs in Coke overnight. The next day take them out and discuss what happened. Let the children use toothbrushes and toothpaste to gently remove the brown color from the eggs.

  3. Units: turtles, teeth, trains, trees, tigers, trucks

  1. Turtle Trails

    Pretend to be turtles crawling on the ground. Give each child something to carry on his back for a shell such as a block, beanbag or small toy.

  2. Go on a Treasure Hunt.

  3. Tunnels

    Get the children to form tunnels by putting their hands and feet on the floor and arching their bodies. Let them take turns crawling under the other's tunnels.

  4. These are ideas for "T Week":
    You can introduce Tall Tales to the children. Share a different Tall Tale throughout the week. Focus on the exxageration and then at the end of the week, have your students write (or dictate) their own Tall Tale. (You can use Steven Kellogg's books such as Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill [although this book uses the word "Hell" in the context of the desert], Johnny Appleseed, Sally Ann Thunder Whirlwind Crockett, and I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago: a Tall Tale)

    Another idea is teaching Alliterations, in particular Tongue Twisters. It may take a short lesson or two, but at the end of the second lesson, you can have the students write their own tongue twisters)

    Ideas above from Andrea---Thanks!

  5. T Tag
    One child to be "it". "It" tries to tag the other children, who are naturally trying to run away. When someone gets tagged they have to freeze with their bodies in the shape of the letter T (ie, standing up tall, arms straight out). They can unfreeze when another child runs underneath their arm.

    Submitted by Georgia--thanks!

  6. T (or X) Activity
    Using 2 sticks of about the same length 6"-12", it doesn't matter, form a t or x. Take wool, string etc and weave. Starting in the centre, tie wool to one stick. Start on the left, go over the top to the next stick, wrap over and around the go to the next one. Continue, changing colours occasionally, around to each of the 4 ends. These are called cat's eyes here.

    Submitted by Penny--thanks!

**Note: The following books may be found in your local library, or purchased from Amazon if the book title is a link.


The Story of the Tooth Fairy by Tom Paxton
My Tooth is About to Fall Out by Grace Maccarone
A Quarter From the Tooth Fairy by Caren Holtzman
The Tusk Fairy by Nicola Smee
Tooth Fairy by Audrey Wood
The Real Tooth Fairy by Marilyn Kaye


Bear Child's Book of Hours by Anne Rockwell
Clocks and More Clocks by Pat Hutchins
The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
My First Book of Time by Claire Llewellyn


The Foolish Tortoise by Richard Buckley
Look Out for Turtles by Melvin Berger
The Smallest Turtle by Lynley Dodd
Tomorrow, Up and Away by Pat Lowery Collins

I hope you can use some of these "alphabite" ideas!! If you have any more that I can post here, PLEASE email me with the ideas and your name, using the email icon below or use this form. I will post your idea and give you credit!! Also just write and let me know how you like the ideas and how they can be improved!! Thanks!!

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