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  1. Jello Jigglers

    To 4 cups of boiling water add:

    4 envelopes plain gelatin (Knox)
    3 large boxes of Jell-O- any flavor

    Stir to dissolve. Allow to set. Cut into cubes or use cookie cutters for desired shapes.

  2. Jiggly Rainbows

    Make Jell-O in three colors (red, yellow and blue). When set, let the children have fun mixing the colors, eating a rainbow of colors!

  3. Jungle Treat

    Give each child a banana and let them mash it well. For each child: Let them mix 1/2 cup milk with 1 tablespoon of honey. Put all ingredients in a jar and let them shake, shake, shake! Provide spoons so they can fish their banana chunks from their drink.

  4. Jolly Jack-o-Lanterns

    6 cups puffed rice
    1/4 cup margarine
    32 large marshmallows
    2 teaspoons vanilla
    Few drops red food coloring
    Few drops yellow food coloring

    Heat puffed rice in shallow pan in 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. Pour into greased bowl. Melt margarine and marshmallows together over low heat, stirring frequently. Add vanilla and food colorings. Stir until blended and then pour over puffed rice. Stir until kernels are evenly coated. Shape with greased hands to form pumpkins. Decorate with marshmallow pieces and whole cloves for eyes. Use marshmallow pieces or cut gumdrops for mouth and nose. Cut green gumdrops for pumpkin stems. Yield: 6-8 servings.

    For more Halloween treats, go here!

  5. Rachelle sent in this great "J" theme. Thanks, Rachelle!

    When working on the letter Jj we have a Jungle theme going as well. On one of the first days we read Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae. After reading the book we make Jungle Juice.

    Jungle Juice
    lemon Jell-o
    lime Jell-o
    lemonade or lemon-lime soda

    Mix up each jello separately in a bowl with a fork so that it is in small chunks. Layer the jello in small clear cups. Add juice or soda to fill the cup. Drink and enjoy!

    (the above recipe makes about 12-20 servings of jungle juice depending on the cup size)

  6. "J" Snacks-juice, jellyrolls, jellybeans, jerky and jelly

  1. Jack-in-the-Box

    Sits so still.
    (Squat on the floor, very quiet)
    Will he come out?
    Yes, he WILL!!
    (Jump up)

  2. Jump or Jiggle

    Frogs jump
    Caterpillars hump

    Worms wiggle
    Bugs jiggle

    Rabbits leap
    Horses clop

    Snakes glide
    Seagulls glide

    Mice creep
    Deer leap

    Puppie bounce
    Kittens pounce

    Lions stalk---
    I WALK!!

    ~Evelyn Beyer~

  3. Riddle: What Am I?

    They chose me from my brothers;
    "That's the nicest one," they said,
    And they carved me out a face and put a
    Candle in my head;

    And they set me on a doorstep,
    Oh, the night was dark and wild;
    But when they lit my candle, then I

    ~Dorothy Aldis~

  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Gee
    Went out with his cow;
    He climbed up a tree
    And sat on a bough.
    He sat on a bough
    And broke it in half,
    And John's old cow
    Did nothing but laugh.

    ~Rose Fyleman~

  5. Jeremiah Obediah

    Jeremiah Obediah puffs, puffs, puffs,
    When he gets his messages he snuffs, snuffs, snuffs,
    When he goes to school by day he roars, roars, roars,
    And when he goes to bed at night he snores, snores, snores.

    ~Mother Goose~

  1. Cut big J's from construction paper. Let children find "J" pictures in magazines. Cut pictures and paste on outline of J.

  2. Jack-in-the-Box

    Give each child a square piece of construction paper for box, a long strip for folding into accordian, and a picture of a clown's face. Let them fold the strip like an accordian, then paste pieces together to make the jack-in-the-Box.

  3. Make Jigsaw puzzles by cutting pictures from coloring books, magazines, etc. and cutting them into sections. Another good source--cereal boxes.

  4. J's

    Give each child a piece of paper with the letter J on it in several places. Let them use their imagination to add as many lines as desired to create a picture, using pencils, crayons or markers. (Examples: skate, car, candy cane, pencil, shoe, etc)

  5. Great idea sent by Traci. Thanks, Traci!

    I'm a kindergarten teacher and my kids enjoy making "Jeweled Jewlery J's" by cutting out capital J's that have been copied on construction paper in a variety of colors. Then they use sequins to decorate their J and then punch a hole in each end of the top of the J and then tie a colorful piece of yarn to it so that they can wear it as a necklace. Even the boys like this activity.

  6. Andrea sent in some great ideas! Thanks, Andrea!

    The story of Jack and Jill- I made a hill and a pail of water out of construction paper. I also made finger puppets of Jack and Jill (the paper kind that the kids fingers go through, that way they can color them themselves) and we did a finger puppet play with the story.

  7. Another of Andrea's ideas: Hanging paper plate jellyfish- Cut a paper plate in half - color or paint the halves any color you want your jellyfish and glue tissue paper that has been cut into strips on the straight part- then glue the halves together making sure you attach a string in between the halves at the top.

  1. Make class graphs, recording favorite jellybean flavors.

  2. Fill a JAR with JELLYBEANS and let the children guess how many jellybeans in the jar. The closest guess gets a small prize.

  3. Make class graphs, recording favorite juices.
    Idea, thanks to Kate

  1. Do a mini-unit on JOBS, discussing the jobs of the student's parents. Let them draw pictures of their parents' jobs.

  2. Do a mini-unit on Japan.

  3. Another of Andrea's ideas: Using your four senses (of the five) I had them feel the smooth texture of the jellybean then smell it, then taste the outside, and notice the color. After the we recorded that information I had them cut one in half and notice the differences in the jellybean.

  1. Jump Rope Activities

    Include activities such as walking along a rope on the ground forward and backward, try jogging as they jump, jump to a jingle.

  2. Discuss jungle creatures and let the children name animals that live in the jungle. Let the children move like these creatures.

  3. Jack-a-Dandy

    Form a large circle. Make a set of cardboard lollipops ahead of time, one of each color. Lay these lollipops in the center of the circle. Choose one child to be blindfolded and another to pick up and hide a lollipop. The rest of the children will chant:

    Little Jack-a-Dandy
    Had a stick of candy,
    Everytime he took a bite
    A piece went quickly out of sight.

    The blindfolded child is to identify the color of the missing lollipop.

**Note: The following books may be found in your local library, or purchased from Amazon if the book title is a link.


Count Your Way Through Japan by Jim Haskins
The Badger and the Magic Fan: A Japanese Folk Tale by Tony Johnston
The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks by Katherine Peterson
The Bicycle Man by Allen Say
Before the Picnic by Yoriko Tsutsui


The Rain Forest (First Discovery Books) by Rene Mettler
Disney's Tarzan by Victoria Saxon
Rosa Raposa by F. Isabel Campoy
Piece of Jungle by Sarah Weeks

I hope you can use some of these "alphabite" ideas!! If you have any more that I can post here, PLEASE email me with the ideas and your name, using the email icon below or use this form. I will post your idea and give you credit!! Also just write and let me know how you like the ideas and how they can be improved!! Thanks!!

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