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  1. Apple Smiles- Slice apples, with peel on, into 8 pieces. Spread each piece with peanut butter; add miniature marshmallows for teeth. Put two slices together.

  2. Ants on a Log- Slice celery into 3" pieces. Children use plastic knives to stuff celery with peanut butter. Place raisin "ants" on top before eating.

  3. Alphabet Macaroni Soup- Use alphabet pasta and chicken broth to make alphabet soup.

  4. Applesauce

    Cut apples into small pieces and put them into an electric skillet. Add a little sugar and simmer until they are cooked. Mash with potato masher or wooden spoon. Add cinnamon to taste.

  5. "A" Snacks- apples, angel food cake, animal crackers, Alpha-Bits cereal

  6. This A food idea came from Mimi! Thanks, Mimi!

    For the letter "A", I read a story about ants and then we discuss a little bit. Then I give each child a ziplock baggie with a graham cracker square in it. They crush it with a rolling pin and then I add chocolate sprinkles (ants!); give them a spoon and they eat the anthills!

  7. For a letter "A" snack, the children and I made Jello jigglers. We used a letter "A" cookie cutter and cut A's out of the jigglers. We had fun eating our letter "A". Idea from Liz---thanks, Liz!

  8. Apple Jam

    Sana writes, "Children can make apple jam in the class. Each child can get an apple to school. Teacher will then define the colour, texture and different size of the fruit. She will then cut it into half and show them the seeds and the colour of the fruit inside. A small piece of it could be given for taste. Later techer will cut the apple into small pieces, add some sugar into it and put it on stove to cook. After some time the apple jam wll be ready and children can be served during their snack time. Thanks, Sana!

  1. The Apple Tree

    Way up high in the apple tree (stretch hands overhead like a tree)
    Two red apples smiled at me. (fingers around eyes like glasses)
    I shook that tree as hard as I could (shaking motions)
    Down came the apples (fingers "raining" down apples)
    And YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM were they good! (rubbing tummy)

  2. Ant Hill

    Once I saw an ant hill (hold hands in fist)
    With no ants about. (shake head)
    So, I called, "Little ants, (look at fist)
    Won't you please come out?"
    Then, as if they heard me call, (cup hand to ear)
    One, two, three, four, five, came out, (hold up one finger at a time)
    And back they went again. (close fist again)

  3. Cathi sent in these great ideas for an apple unit. Thanks, Cathi!

    We do a two week unit on apples & during those weeks we also cover the letter Aa. One of the poems I always use and the children put into their poetry notebooks is called "Apple Song".

    Apple Song

    Apples are fun to eat.
    Apples are nice and sweet.
    Apples are such a treat.
    Apples are hard to beat!

    We make applesauce on the last day of our unit in individual crockpots with each children getting the opportunity to add an ingrediant or stir the lovely smelling mixture. The whole school knows when it is Kindergarten's Apple Day!

  1. Cut big A's from construction paper. Let children find "A" pictures in magazines. Cut pictures and paste on outline of A.

  2. Apple Prints-

    Cut out big apple outines from white construction paper. Using an apple cut in half, dip it into red paint and make prints on the apple outline.

  3. Torn Paper Apple Tree

    On a piece of white construction paper, outline in pencil a tree trunk. Have the children tear bits of brown construction paper and paste to outline for a trunk. Then sponge- paint green leaves on it. Last, let children fingerprint red apples on the tree.

  4. Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg is an excellent book. After reading this book, we make antennae for our head. We discuss insects that use antennae. Simply have the student cut a stip of black or brown construction paper, staple into a headband, glue two pipe cleaners and curl. Not a difficult art project or a creative one, but it does lead to some dramatic play after. We also put plastic ants in our sand table and make thumbprint ants on an A.
    This idea submitted by: Tammy! Thanks!!

  5. Apple Art

    I have my children color a large apple printout and then write a capital A on it. Then they glue animal crackers to make the A and eat the leftover crackers.- sent in by Mary--thanks!

  6. Jennifer submits the following idea. Thanks!

    For the letter A (capital) you can have the children make the letter A by gluing craft sticks to constuction paper in the shape of the letter.

  1. Estimation Activity

    Let children estimate how many seeds are in the apple. Write down estimations and at the end of the "A" activity week, cut apple and count the seeds. Give a small prize to the child that has the closest estimation.

  2. Apple Graph

    Make a graph, using pictures of apple products: applesauce, candied apples, apple pie, apple juice and apples. Let children tell their favorite apple product and put results on the graph.

  3. Alpha-Bits Activity

    Give students Alpha-Bits cereal and do the some of the following activities: How many A's are in your portion?; What letter do you have the most of?; Make your name with your cereal; Make a graph of your letters.

  4. Compare, constrast and group apples by color, size, number, weight, number of seeds, etc.

  1. Set up an ant farm. Talk about the queen ant and the worker ants and their jobs. Observe and draw pictures of their observations.

  2. Show the children pictures of astronauts and talk about what an astronaut might do on the job. Let them pretend to land on the moon and walk as if there is no gravity.

  3. Take a nature walk and try to find ant trails. When an ant finds a food source he leaves a scent on the ground so that the other ants can find the way. The ants then follow the trail to the food. Tell students to observe the ants as they follow the trail.

  4. Lauren writes, "For the letter A we have a parent that works for an ambulance service. They brought the ambulance and let the kids tour it. They loved this. We also did a fire truck for F. You could call your local ambulance service or fire department and ask them to help out if you don't know anyone personally." Thanks, Lauren!

  1. Pretend to be airplanes and move around with arms extended. Call out directions as they "fly", then "land". Hold up color name flashcards and only the children with that particular color on will be able to "fly". Hold up alphabet flashcards and only children whose names begin with that letter can "fly".

  2. Pretend to be apples on a tree and "fall" off the tree and roll on the ground as an apple may roll on the ground.

  3. Students act out movements of animals that you name.

  4. Action Words- Have pictures to show children that show action such as running, jumping, hopping, etc. Children imitate the actions.

  5. Make "A" body letters, using several students on the floor.

  6. Go here for my "A" Word Search that you can print out!

**Note: The following books may be found in your local library, or purchased from Amazon if the book title is a link.


Ants Are Fun by Mildred Myrick
Ant Cities by Arthur Dorros
Who Can't Follow an Ant? by Michael Pellowski
The Little Ant by David Novak
(Sent in by Sheri) Thanks, Sheri!
Hey, Little Ant by Phillip and Hannah Hoose
(This book idea was sent in by Rae! Thanks!)
One Hundred Hungry Ants by Bonnie Mac Kain (Illustrator).
(Book suggestion sent in by Scott. 100 ants go to a picnic but they are too slow so they make 2 rows of 50 still too slow so they make 4 rows of 25 then 10 rows of ten. Cute counting book.)


A Is for Astronaut by Victoria Fremont
One Giant Leap: The Story of Neil Armstrong by Don Brown
Footprints on the Moon by Alexandra Siy
There's No Place Like Space by Tish Rabe
Floating in Space by True Kelley


Making Animal Babies by Sneed B.
If You Were Born a Kitten by Marion Dane Bauer
Animal ABC by Pat Stewart
What Animal Am I by Victoria Fremont
Miffy's Animal Friends by Dick Bruna
Animal Homes by Bob Bampton
Animal Nursery Rhymes by Ann Ricketts


You will find some great APPLE books here

I hope you can use some of these "alphabite" ideas!! If you have any more that I can post here, PLEASE email me with the ideas and your name, using the email icon below or use this form. I will post your idea and give you credit!! Also just write and let me know how you like the ideas and how they can be improved!! Thanks!!

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